Itaka Crop Solution is an international leader in the use of beneficial microorganisms and naturally occurring products to boost crop resilience and performance.

The co-founders of Itaka have years of experience working closely with farmers and growers, during which they saw the potential for a ‘soil first’ approach that would improve the sustainability of conventional farming.

The company was formed by a group of senior executives with strong track records working for some of Europe’s leading companies in the agricultural sector. They shared the view that the concept of ‘conventional farming’ was unsustainable in the medium term and have invested in research to find alternative approaches.

The company is headquartered in London at Itaka International and has a research division in Milan called Itaka srl. Its parent organisation, GiLoGi’s Holding Ltd (UK) group, is a global organisation with interests in eco-sustainable agriculture. UPDATED


Itaka’s products and services adhere to the highest quality standards.