Itaka Crop Solution is offering an integrated approach that starts from the soil and works with plants’ own growth strategies to build upon the natural systems that have evolved over the millennia.

Itaka aims to recreate the conditions in which plants have been designed to thrive.

By encouraging the development of healthy soils and enhancing plants’ survival techniques with a range of biorational products the crop has a greater capability to withstand adverse conditions.

The majority of Itaka’s products, including seed treatments, have been certified by the Soil Association as being suitable for organic farming.

Increasingly, Itaka’s products are also being used by conventional farmers within an integrated cultivation system as they allow agrochemicals to be used more sparingly with increased efficacy.

Itaka’s investment in R&D also embraces innovations by third parties, ensuring that the portfolio of products contains the best available solutions.

Itaka’s products can be used at different stages of the crop cycle:

Seed treatments– beneficial microorganisms incorporated in the seed treatment enable improved emergence and rapid plant establishment.

Soil vitality– increasing microbial activity within the soil can: improve its structure; increase resilience to adverse weather conditions; boost the availability of nutrients for the plant roots; and increase water retention.

Disease and pest prevention– nature has created its own defence mechanisms against pests and diseases. In some cases pests are deterred rather than killed, which protects the plant without threatening beneficial insects or disrupting the balance within the ecosystem. Itaka harnesses this capability within a range of products based on naturally occurring compounds and minerals.

Increase plant vigour– strategic application of plant extracts and beneficial microorganisms can increase the development of plant root systems and stimulate growth. Healthy plants can withstand adverse weather conditions and regrow following attack by pests.

ITAKA crop solution for organic farming