Itaka Crop Solution, Zero Residue objective

Itaka Crop Solution creates solutions that reduces the use of synthetic products and the presence of residues in foodstuffs. Find out more about Zero Residue solutions for Baby Leaf in the Sele plain — Salerno.

Zero Residue

Sustainable and quality agriculture can make a fundamental contribution and become a valuable ally for combating climate change and other environmental emergencies, to guarantee a healthy and sustainable food production and to stimulate the development of a sustainable economy”. It is with these words that Legambiente inaugurated the G7 Agriculture held in Bergamo in October last year.  Itaka Crop Solution is investing in this direction to create products with absolutely Zero Residue promoting healthy and respectful agriculture.

But what is Zero Residue? Harmful products and substances are often misused in agriculture. We highly underestimate the damage that these products can have on the environment and the health of those who use them if the legally permitted dosages are exceeded. Inadvertently these products end up directly on the table of the unwitting consumer.

Itaka Crop Solution has been investing in applied research for years to create products and Zero Residue, i.e. products without harmful substances and harmless to the environment and health of producers and consumers. The goal is to create solutions that minimise the use of synthetic products and the presence of residues in foodstuffs. The input comes directly from a trend inversion in consumer purchase demands. In fact, the consumer is increasingly informed and aware of and interested in the characteristics of the products he buys and expects healthy and proper nourishment. Itaka Crop Solution appeals to all those producers and farmers who are prepared to satisfy the demands of discerning / informed consumers to guarantee a healthy and respectful lifestyle through sustainable agriculture.

Itaka Crop Solution products

Itaka Crop Solution has a wide range of products for all needs and confirms the results of its Zero Residue solutions for Baby Leaf in the Sele plain, Salerno province.

In addition to responding to the demand for products without residues, Itaka Crop Solution offers solutions to the organic vacuum or poor biotic activity of soil on account of the mono-successions of crops, the excessive use of synthetic fumigants and lastly the reduction of organic carbon in soils.

The strategy that Itaka Crop Solution pursues is to create a continuum from biofumigation to the vitality of the soil with the following solutions:

  • BioReset to contrast pathogens present before sowing, such root rot;
  • Maxy Soil to stimulate organic activity in the soil, the humification and the development of the seedling;
  • 3KO to protect root growth.

The results are measured in terms of crop uniformity, plant resistance to adversity and production. In addition, they guarantee the producer the benefit of fewer interventions and a product without residue.

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