Itaka Crop Solution: Zero Residue solutions to capture the market

For many years Itaka Crop Solution has been investing in research for sustainable Zero Residue and Organic products. Discover our objectives for 2018 and get some technical information about table grape.

Itaka Crop Solution protocol

Founded in 2014 Itaka Crop Solution is becoming more and more established in the national and European market as a producer of Zero

Residue and Organic solutions. Underpinning Itaka Crop Solution’s philosophy is its great sense of responsibility towards the environment and the well-being of consumers and farmers alike. The company’s products are in fact totally “ZERO RESIDUE” and respond to a need for eco-sustainable production, which benefits and enriches the environment and reduces the use of synthetic products.

Salvatore Occhipinti, General Manager of Itaka Crop Solution, says “Itaka is a people company . We are craftsman of the products and solutions we offer our customers. Primarily we research products that safeguard consumers and the environment “. This is why Itaka Crop Solution invests heavily in research. It collaborates closely with institutes and Universities ultimately providing farmers who adhere to programs with low environmental impact, the opportunity to make use of Itaka Crop Solution’s latest innovations. 

Itaka Crop Solution’s objectives for 2018

Given the great results achieved in 2017, which was mainly Itaka Crop Solution’s recognition by the market, many more objectives have been set in 2018. Most importantly, to expand on foreign markets. Starting with POLAND, Itaka Crop Solution is also present in the U.K. through straight co-operation with national distributors.

Then Itaka is also investing in communication and digital technology, aiming for greater visibility and recognition of the brand on the market.

Technical meeting on table grapes

Itaka Crop Solution is at the forefront of research and innovation, and promotes meetings to discuss with professionals in topics related to eco-sustainable agriculture.

Friday, March 9, together with Foglia Viva srl, a technical panel was organised at the Sicilian Agricultural Producers Organization (O.P.A.S.) headquarters in Mazzarrone (CT) during which the question of how production systems evolve  in response to new demands for Zero Residue solutions  was discussed , in particular on table grapes. Vincenzo Brugaletta from Gilogis’ Holding ldg London, Prof. F. Branca from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Catania, Dr Sebastian Nigro, Itaka Crop Solution Research and Development Manager and Vincent Lefebvre du Prey, Marketing and Communication Manager at Itaka Crop Solution. The meeting was a great success and the participants were enthusiastic about the topics addressed.

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