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Game Changing Technologies for Agriculture 2019

Game Changing Technologies for Agriculture 2019 is organised by the UK Department of International Trade to showcase technologies being developed in agriculture. Itaka Crop Solution is attending for the first time.

Can you grow organic potatoes without copper?

Ed Moorhouse, Head of Strategy Development with Itaka Crop Solution is to discuss the role of preventative strategies for managing late blight at a workshop on 18th September “Growing organic potatoes without copper’ organised by RBOrganic as part of the Organic-Plus research program

Friend or Foe? AHDB’s encyclopaedia of pests will tell you

Can you identify agricultural pests? The AHDB has created this invaluable Encyclopaedia of Pests and Natural Enemies in Field Crops to help you name the pests and manage natural predators.

Taking sustainable agriculture to Canada

Itaka Crop Solution has been selected to join the Canadian HARVEST programme which is organised by SREDA in partnership with Agri-Tech East in the UK.  The mission includes participation in Ag in Motion, Western Canada’s largest Outdoor Farm Expo, and introductions to leading Saskatchewan agriculture companies and professionals.

World’s first microbial seed treatment for borage

An innovative seed treatment of beneficial microorganisms is being applied to borage for the first time, following collaboration between Itaka Crop Solution, leaders in the use of biorationals, and Fairking Ltd, a speciality grower and producer of natural plant oils.

Would working with nature stop aggressive pests?

Would working with nature relieve some of the evolutionary pressure on arable weeds and plant pests and disease and stop them from becoming so aggressive? Dr Ed Moorhouse, the new Head of Strategy Development with ITAKA Crop Solution, discussed this subject with others at an Agri-Tech East Pollinator event ‘Mimic, Harness or Borrow; Applying Nature’s Solutions[…]more info

Itaka Crop Solution joins BRESOV to optimise vegetables for organic farming

Itaka Crop Solution is part of the European project BRESOV “Breeding for Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Organic Vegetable Production”, which aims to  improve the competitiveness of three important vegetable crops broccoli, snap bean and tomato when grown in an organic and sustainable environment.

New season in England trials start

New season in England where Itaka Crop Solution will be starting trials for the first time. This will include the use of the soil condition FIXÒ on spring barley FIXÒ. FIXÒ contains nitrogen fixing bacteria and root stimulant. It is approved by the Soil Association.

Vasadonna Estate’s extra virgin olive oil in the world’s top 10 thanks to Itaka Crop Solution products!

Vasadonna Estate extra virgin olive oil was awarded a prize at the 2018 Olive Oil Awards held at the Biofach fair in Nuremberg. They have  been following Itaka Crop Solution protocol and using their products scrupulously for years. The Vasadonna Estate Put life back into  “Custera” oil: this is Salvatore Scuderi’s main objective, owner of[…]more info

Itaka Crop Solution, Zero Residue objective

Itaka Crop Solution creates solutions that reduces the use of synthetic products and the presence of residues in foodstuffs. Find out more about Zero Residue solutions for Baby Leaf in the Sele plain — Salerno. Zero Residue “Sustainable and quality agriculture can make a fundamental contribution and become a valuable ally for combating climate change[…]more info