Itaka’s investment in R&D also embraces innovations by third parties and works with partners that have specialist expertise. This ensures that the portfolio of products contains the best available solutions.


Being close to our customers means choosing the best and quickest ways to provide growers with information, technical support and adequate presence in order to help analysis and decision-making. Our teams are present in the field to define with the farmer the best solutions for their farm, giving maximum support to our local distributors and representatives.

Farmagri Ltd is an independent agrochemical supplier providing a complete range of crop protection products for all farming types in the UK.

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Project partners

Projects are at the heart of Itaka’s development as they correspond to an economical model, the objective being to provide value to the production and thus to the farmer.

Borage seed treatment project: a world leader in borage production for oil, Fairking Limited requires the highest standards to create a premium product. To support this Fairking has partnered with Itaka Crop Solution to offer its growers KONCIA Borage, a seed treatment for borage that enhances the performance of the plant.

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Seed Treatment for Organic Cereals: This is key to future organic production as Itaka seed treatment provides plants with a favourable environment for root development and stimulates plants in the early stages. COPE Seeds & Grain, leader in the field of organic cereals, is showing the way and drives an ambitious programme based on the seed treatment product SIKULO Red.

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Cope Seeds & Grain

Residue free programme for melons: developed by Agricola Don Camillo in co-operation with Itaka, the project aims for the production of quality melons (PGI Mantua) with no detectable residues of chemical products. This is the third year of the ongoing project, which meets the growing demand from the market.

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