Plant health & resilience

The rapid establishment of a crop enhances its resilience to adverse environmental conditions and disease threat.

Healthy plants can withstand adverse weather conditions and regrow following attack by pests and diseases. Different mechanisms are used to promote plant resilience.

Microorganisms:  An important element of reslience is the creation of a strong root system and it has been found that microorganisms occurring naturally in undisturbed soil stimulate root development.

Fungi such as Tricoderma sp. or bacteria such as Pseudomonas sp. are known to occupy the interface between soil and plant. By colonizing the root zone, they reduce the development of pathogens.

Plant Resistance enhancers: these natural extracts stimulate the plant to produce phytoalexins – these are antimicrobial substances produced in response to direct infection by a pathogen. For example chitosan, which is derived from the exoskeleton of insects or crustaceans, elicits an innate response from the plant. This enhances the plant’s ability of plants to resist pest or disease attack and enable it recover from environmental stress.

Minerals: Itaka has used the properties of various natural minerals, such as copper, along with natural extracts to enhance resilience to disease.

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