Vasadonna Estate’s extra virgin olive oil in the world’s top 10 thanks to Itaka Crop Solution products!

Vasadonna Estate extra virgin olive oil was awarded a prize at the 2018 Olive Oil Awards held at the Biofach fair in Nuremberg. They have  been following Itaka Crop Solution protocol and using their products scrupulously for years.

The Vasadonna Estate

Put life back into  “Custera” oil: this is Salvatore Scuderi’s main objective, owner of Tenuta Vasadonna. Salvatore’s dream emerged from the ashes of the ancient Feudo Moncada, a passion that has been handed down from father to son. The estate has 15 hectares in the heart of Eastern Sicily on the slopes of Mount Etna in the Belpassodistrict. There are 3200 olive plants of two varieties, the Nocellara Etnea and Nocellara Messinese. Vasadonna plantation produces around 5000 litres of organic extra virgin olive oil annually. The oil was affectionately named after the Vasadonna district where women once used to wash clothes in the stream and suitors hoped to steal a kiss from their girlfriends.

The Itaka Crop Solution protocol

Salvatore Scuderi has always been in favour of sustainable agriculture and believes that investing in organic farming is a mindset for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In fact Tenuta Vasadonna has scrupulously followed Itaka Crop Solution protocol and used their products for organic farming for years. On account of this and Itaka’s sustained efforts, Tenuta Vasadonna’s extra-virgin olive oil was acknowledged as one of the world’s top 10oils in the world. Salvatore Scuderi joined the Itaka Crop Solution program in 2014. In fact, after meeting Salvatore Occhipinti, General Manager of Itaka Crop Solution, he decided to focus on organic products. After careful evaluation in the field, Itaka Crop Solution’s specialised technicians proposed the most suitable programmes for the plants. Since then the technicians visit periodically to offer increasingly innovative products and continued support which Itaka Crop Solution offers its customers. Moreover, thanks to Itaka Crop Solution’s organic products,Tenuta Vasadonna’s extra virgin olive oil has also won 1 GOLD medal and 2 SILVER medals at BIOL 2018. The BIOL guide promotes the best organic extra virgin oils of a particular vintage worldwide and selections are to the highest international standards.

The global recognition for Vasadonna estate’s extra virgin olive oil fills Itaka Crop Solution with pride to be a partner in success where organic farming is always at the forefront.

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