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Sustainable crop solutions

Itaka Crop Solution is an international leader in the use of beneficial microorganisms and naturally occurring plant extracts to boost crop resilience and performance.

Research has focused on studying and screening naturally occurring bioactive compounds. The most effective have been formulated to provide farmers with innovative products that promote sustainability.

By working closely with growers Itaka has developed a programme of products that work with nature to enhance the development of a healthy plant.

Our products, including seed treatments, are certified by the Soil Association for use on organic farms but can equally be used by conventional farmers who want to improve soil health and the vitality of their crops.

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Itaka News

Game Changing Technologies for Agriculture 2019

Game Changing Technologies for Agriculture 2019 is organised by the UK Department of International Trade to showcase technologies being developed in agriculture. Itaka Crop Solution is attending for the first time.

Can you grow organic potatoes without copper?

Ed Moorhouse, Head of Strategy Development with Itaka Crop Solution is to discuss the role of preventative strategies for managing late blight at a workshop on 18th September “Growing organic potatoes without copper’ organised by RBOrganic as part of the Organic-Plus research program

Friend or Foe? AHDB’s encyclopaedia of pests will tell you

Can you identify agricultural pests? The AHDB has created this invaluable Encyclopaedia of Pests and Natural Enemies in Field Crops to help you name the pests and manage natural predators.